Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cartoon Cabinetry

I think this would make Dr. Suess quite proud. I think I might have seen a "Who" with one of these in their room.

We've decided to open a store front (mainly to see clients) and this is an idea I was given for something in the front to "show off" to clients. I am hoping that when people see this they say "Wow, and yall made this, right?"

In any event, this is one thing we are currently working on (No that isn't our picture). We went to the "Big" city near by and on the way I had the thought to call and make some cold contacts. I figured, we are already in town and with gas like it is, why not make the most of the trip.

James Helms picked up at a The Design Studio in Beaumont Texas. He was interested and available so we headed over.

About 10 minutes after we get there James is crammed in an 8' x 12' room with Me, Johnny Jr, and 3 other Interior Decorators. They were pretty impressed with the things we brought with us and has called us in around a computer screen running around the net, pulling a picture up and asking "Can you make that?" "Yes Ma'am", thats what i was always taught.

It was exciting. We have been thinking about who we should go speak with and i had had the thought that speaking with an Interior Decorator would be more of what we are looking for seeing as we aren't selling a product but an ability. Interior decorators seemed more likely to be interested in being able to make something odd/inordinately, and in my opinion, thats what we do best.

Ever since I started working with CNC Machines i have been thinking about "Crazy" things i could do with them. I keep telling myself "Cabinet shops give you square corners, and strait sides. We give you everything else."

I wonder what the next design firm will show us on their screen?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Learning to carve from a Photo

I've been honing my skills at starting with a photograph and ending up with a carving like you see here in these two photos. Were currently working on a proposal for an heirloom quality desk that a cabinet shop is putting a bid. You might have guessed it has a religious theme. I think i really like the way the clouds are showing up.

I also just recently had a client ask us to put this grape cluster on some cabinet doors. When we went tot he appointment she had never see our work before. (she was referred to us from the cabinet shop) When she saw the door we brought (we borrowed one of those daisy doors from earlier) she decided she really liked it. So she said that now that she has seen it she wants us to do some "turn-of-the-century" carvings on the new vanity that is going in also. I don't know what these "Carvings" are gonna look like, but i am sure glad for the added business.

Here is another example. This one might make more sense if i explain whats going on. One of the ways that i can control my machine is by having it interpret the blacks and whites as depth of cutting on the machine. Here are two images I took a clip art i found and put a bad blur on it. The blur helps put a gradient of greys where it was just stark white beside jet black. I tell my machine to treat the black and the deepest cut and the white as the highest cut. So as it comes across grey, its a somewhere in the middle cut, and the clip art ends up rounded. Works pretty well on just about anything. You might take another look at the first two pictures and you will see why the colors are REALLY off in the photo. (Thank you Paint.NET)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Early Carvings.

These doors were a request to help continue the theme of daises in this room. If you look close on the shelf to the left there are some of those daises. These are Red Oak doors with a Walnut stain.

These are in the office of a Cabinet maker. Its been a great source for referrals for us as customers who come for cabinets have begun asking "Can you do that on my cabinets?"

These were the display surrounding the soda fountains at a convenience store. The "Cold Drinks" was above the machine, and the "Cola" were on the left and right sides on the soda fountain. I'll try to get a picture of the entire piece in place. The carvings make allot more sense in the context. The store isn't finished yet, but hopefully we can get a picture of this piece as it will be seen by the public. The color in the "Cold Drinks" is more true to the actual piece.

Getting a Presence on the Internet

I don't think i really know where t start, so if this feels something like jumping and grabbing onto a train going 50.... sorry.

About a month back we started our operating the machine for money. It wasn't more than 2 weeks earlier that i had finished (or atleast gotten functional) the CNC Router.

In case you didn't get to this site by knowing exactly what you were looking for in the first place, this is the Blog of a company in Vidor Texas. Were near the Louisiana border. So far there are just three of us.

My name is Kenneth, and I'm kinda the Mechanical / Design department. Johnny Ray is the business man, and Johnny Jr is the Marketer.

Were in the CNC Business. We own a CNC Router / Mill (for those who know what it is), which is essentially a machine capable of carving wood and other soft materials. We cut wood. From carving flowers or words on a door, to eclectic custom furniture, to.... anything you can think of. Essentially, if you wand something, and can't find it in a catalog, we are where you need to be.

We can take a sketch on a napkin and turn it into a carved piece of wood. There really aren't many limits to what we ca do. I'd give more examples but one of the reasons why i started this blog was to show the work we are doing. I don't have many pictures right now, but i will hopefully post the work we have been doing. We are pretty proud of our work.