Thursday, June 12, 2008

Early Carvings.

These doors were a request to help continue the theme of daises in this room. If you look close on the shelf to the left there are some of those daises. These are Red Oak doors with a Walnut stain.

These are in the office of a Cabinet maker. Its been a great source for referrals for us as customers who come for cabinets have begun asking "Can you do that on my cabinets?"

These were the display surrounding the soda fountains at a convenience store. The "Cold Drinks" was above the machine, and the "Cola" were on the left and right sides on the soda fountain. I'll try to get a picture of the entire piece in place. The carvings make allot more sense in the context. The store isn't finished yet, but hopefully we can get a picture of this piece as it will be seen by the public. The color in the "Cold Drinks" is more true to the actual piece.


johnny ray said...

Wow! This looks like an amazing company. I want them to engrave something for me.

Stephanie said...

Jennifer was telling me about this and I'm glad to find you on the web so easily :) Your work is amazing! I love the cabinet designs and also the "Seuss" cabinet. VERY COOL!!! I can't wait to buy some for my place!