Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cartoon Cabinetry

I think this would make Dr. Suess quite proud. I think I might have seen a "Who" with one of these in their room.

We've decided to open a store front (mainly to see clients) and this is an idea I was given for something in the front to "show off" to clients. I am hoping that when people see this they say "Wow, and yall made this, right?"

In any event, this is one thing we are currently working on (No that isn't our picture). We went to the "Big" city near by and on the way I had the thought to call and make some cold contacts. I figured, we are already in town and with gas like it is, why not make the most of the trip.

James Helms picked up at a The Design Studio in Beaumont Texas. He was interested and available so we headed over.

About 10 minutes after we get there James is crammed in an 8' x 12' room with Me, Johnny Jr, and 3 other Interior Decorators. They were pretty impressed with the things we brought with us and has called us in around a computer screen running around the net, pulling a picture up and asking "Can you make that?" "Yes Ma'am", thats what i was always taught.

It was exciting. We have been thinking about who we should go speak with and i had had the thought that speaking with an Interior Decorator would be more of what we are looking for seeing as we aren't selling a product but an ability. Interior decorators seemed more likely to be interested in being able to make something odd/inordinately, and in my opinion, thats what we do best.

Ever since I started working with CNC Machines i have been thinking about "Crazy" things i could do with them. I keep telling myself "Cabinet shops give you square corners, and strait sides. We give you everything else."

I wonder what the next design firm will show us on their screen?

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