Thursday, July 17, 2008

The results of speaking Face to Face

If you look back a few weeks you'll see my concept drawing for a cafeteria sign. I must admit I didn't think it was a "complete" design, and hadn't figured out what was going to "complete" the job.

Well, i was in luck. We had the opportunity to introduce me (the modeler) to the client, and we got some feedback. She didn't have to "say" she didn't really like the first design, and that's great, actually.

After speaking with her for a few minutes we had a much better idea of what she was looking for in a "Dixie Diner Sign" We sketched this on a sticky pad, and if i can find the sticky note, then i will post it also, but this is what we have come up with. Its a much prettier design. The colors are just placeholder, as in she will be deciding her own colors, or going with these.

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