Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Product Line

Many years ago i was sitting on the front porch at a friends house. As was the custom at times, his mom came out and sat with us. While we talked i noticed that there were screw sticking out all over her rocker. They looked like they had been placed in a rush. When i asked her what happened, she said something to the effect that she had been waiting for it to be repaired for a long time and when it finally happened this is what she got.

She's married to a train engineer, who builds wood cabinetry and the like as a hobby, from his back yard.

What i learned from that was, I wanted to make sure that if i "did" something, or had a certain skill, that my family got priority.

Well, unfortunately I just remembered that self promise. My wife has wanted these cabinets for a while, and since i needed to experiment with a new product, i asked her about helping me design them.

So here they are. She chose the pattern on the sides. They turned out really nice. Now only if i could have been making some really big cabinets, and done tons of carvings.

Maybe i can find a cabinet customer who is interested in putting some of this type of cabinet in say, a kids room?

Image these from the floor, as book shelves, with symetrical designs cut in all the vertical boards.

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