Wednesday, August 20, 2008

early days

So my wife was looking thru the pictures we have stored on the computer and found a bunch of pictures of things i made "in the beginning" when i was still just fiddling around. I figured that since there aren't a ton that i would just post them all.

This is absolutely the "First" door i did. I went to my friend the cabinet maker and asked him for a "throw away" door.

I carved this rose pattern into it, and showed it to him. When i brought it to show him he said "Looks like i need to get you more doors to cut" and we became business partners. I later filled the carving in with wall putty. It can be dyed to fit whatever color. I just used plain old white.

Pied Piper?

This is the full shot of something we posted before. The cabinets are REALLY Big because the coke machine they were going to get was allot larger. After the cabinet were made, they changed to this smaller one.

First Gift?

Some of the other things I tried out:

This one, and the next one are the front and back of the same door. On this side the design is "sticking out".

On this side the design is "Cut in"

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