Monday, July 27, 2009

Moving to California

So we have moved to California. Boy this had been a chance of scenery. The weather is good enough, and has been good enough that i have only wanted air conditioning about 3 times in as many months.

I find myself in an interesting situation. No ones knows who i am here, and so no one has asked me to "help" with anything. In Texas i was helping people all the time, and my days/weeks were full of activities. Here, i am sort of an unknown quantity. Additionally, i don't have a commercial outlet for my machining ability. Needles to saw, we have been using my machine, just not for the same kinds of things we did in Texas.

Mainly we have been making things for Us, The Californian Barry Family (boy that looks weird). We have a custom Name Plate over the Front Door. And i have made a few things for the kids. We had the idea of making Shields and Swords for the kids (We left their old DIY Swords in Texas) but made them completely custom, by having whatever the kids wanted on them. So as of now, we have one T-Rex and one Triceratops Shield. Take that Toys R Us.

Late last night i had the machine cut out some custom Brackets for hanging Curtains over the windows. Our kids really love Blinds, so much so that about 98% f the blinds in our home are broken already, so we have opted to remove them, and get blackout curtains instead. The custom part is that they will attach to either end of the window frame, and hold up a Closet Hanger Rod (Large Wooden Dowel), and in turn they will have a fascia board attached to the front that will allow us to have "Themed" Cornice Boxes for the window Treatments. I'll have to post a picture of this, to be more clear, but simply, the rod can be lifted out strait up (The Cornice Box has no top). The hope is that they'll be "Kid Resistant to 30m" at least.

Last Week my Wife got lost trying to take a screwy street towards a park and passed a place with a large sign stating "Free Wood" When i made it back over there, there was a TON of wood, It looks to be from several large crates. Not the hardest material (its knotty Pine) but it will work for several things we have wanted to build.

I've also gotten my new machine to the point in construction where it was Before we moved. Unfortunately the move had some unforeseen consequences to my Budget, and it may be a while before it is up and running.