Monday, October 11, 2010

Mahogany Toy Cars - Barricade (Transformers) & Mach 5 (Speed Racer)

Remember the Tumbler (Batman Begins), i made as a Pinewood Derby car? I gave the prototype to my oldest son (who was helping in the shop that day). He played with it quite a bit, and would ask me occasionally, when we were going to put wheels on his car.

To make a long story short. It got thrown away, unfinished. I have been terribly sick, as have half my children, and now that we are better, my Bride seems near death with stomach aches and the like. So, to pass the time, with Mom in bed, and give me and the Kids something to work on in the shop (They help paint), I asked what car we should make: "Barricade". I didn't take pictures of Barricade's construction, but i got some good ones for Mach 5.

After finishing Barricade, it occurred to me that, even thought a lot of work when into making the car, it was actually pretty fun to make/paint and the kids really enjoy the process, and they are durable as all get out.

Ohh, Did i mention they don't require much $ in materials? 98% of the value is in the machining, sanding, painting, designing of the cars.

Now, I get to cheat, because just about every car on the planet has a fan who knows how to Model in 3D, so Barricade was easy. Mach 5 was harder. I've been watching for a good model to appear for months and months.

So, without further adieu,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Young Women Emblem All-Star Trophies

Wanted to get these posted. Trying to stay on the ball with posting my projects. These were given out this evening. Instructions were "Its for Young Womens. All-Star theme. Oh, And i didn't do the painting.

Star Wars Themed Dance (w/ Props)

I was asked to help make a flyer to announce a Youth Dance at Church. I'm Mormon, as are many of the people i work with (all my Bosses included), and often i get to mix Religion and Work. So one morning several weeks ago one of them asked me for some help putting together a flier. The parameters: Star Wars theme, the Catchphrase was "May the dance be with you." and it needed to be designed for B/W printing (It would be emailed out, and printed locally for distribution). Oh, and it needed to be Quarter-Sheet.

Easy enough I thought. Wait, When is it due by? 3pm? Not a problem! So, instead of making 1 design, i made 8. I figured that the extra designed would add a few things to the dance. 1)The dance was different, i mean, look at the flyers, 8 versions? And that seing the multiple flyers would help the kids remember to go (I know i forgot to go to a few dances that i wanted to go to) and 2, That this one was worth coming to because it was going to be better than others. Here are the 2 quarter sheet

To make a long story short: I'm a huge Nerd, and i got pretty into the idea of a star wars dance. I thought that having prizes (for star wars trivia, or any game we might do at the dance) would be cool. I ended up making/bring 4 kinds of prizes with the $85 budget they gave me to work with.

The easiest one was Cubeecraft starwars characters. These are paper cutouts that fold into characters drawn on the paper (you print thme and cut) = brought 89 different characters

I had the idea to bring something that was feminine, so i designed Deathstar Earrings. I forgot to get a picture of them (and we actually forgot completely about them at the dance aswell) but they were still cool = 8 pair

I designed 2 toys, using slide-together construction from really cheap insulating foam. We hung them abover the dancefloor, and then gave them ut as prizes at the end of the dance = 3 - X-Wings and 7 - TieFighters

The last thing i brought was a 4ft x 8ft STAR WARS sign i designed. I used a 3d model of the Deathstar, and of the Millenium Falcon i got from Good Sketchup's 3D Warehouse.
The kids really enjoyed the dance. We had a great time, and the props were a really big success.
So, to all those Star Wars fans out there: "May the Force be with you!"

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fire Hydrant Coupler

So several years back and frend of mine asked me "Can your machine do Patterns?" And he wasn't talking Clothes. Patterns are a copy of the part one is trying to replicate, or trying to make from Metal (or plastic). So if you want a part from Metal, say a Cast Iron Pan, you get a wooden version of it, first. Without going into all the details of it. The wood verson is used to make the shape of the pan in sand, then metal is poured into the shape you made with the wooden pattern.

So last night i made my first Pattern Prototype. I learned a few thigns from the process, and am very happy with the first results.

Took pictures of it this morning. The aluminum patterns was made my a machinist. The wood shape in the middle is what i made, and the black thing on the right is the part i'm making a patterns for.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wooden Tree Bookshelf in Full Bloom

The TREE SHELVES are finally finished. And it only took....... 15 cans of spray paint.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tree Shelves Getting closer.

So, Got them to this point this evening. Little too dark to take a photo without flash. Looks Great (I think)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Completed Piano Box

So i finished the first Piano box (Well my part atleast, short of staining, and lining the inside)
Takes 2 bits (one for shaping, one for lettering). The detail on the letter came out perfectly. When stained, the lettering will appear darkers (Carvings do that)

I took pictures of the maching process. Enjoy

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Piano Box

I was asked to help make an award for a Piano Academy. We had bee talking slowly about ideas for about a week. Last night we made a decision on a design to prototype (Still needs approval from the Boss). The exact shape is still being decided, but the concept is the same. A box in the shape of a Piano.

The end should be a Piano shaped box crafted from 2 fitted pieces of wood. You can see here, the prototype (of the lid). The trick is to cut the wood in the right direction for the Grain, to make the cut work just right. This proto taught me lots of things i need to adjust here and there about the process. But i suspect it won't be much different that this when its completed. Tell me, Should the lid be hinged (and from the long side of course) like a regular piano, or do we let the outside be unblemished by hardware?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Trunk of the Tree

Stayed up till 3 last night putting this thing together. Learned a lot in the process, about what to and not to do with this design. Luckily i didn't break any parts, so its all come together nicely. Gonna make some adjustments for the other sections, but the R&D has paid off well.
Take a look

The result is pretty cool.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Bride is pleased with her list of Machned goods being nearly complete. With that in mind, she mentioned something the other evening that perked my inventive side.
So the next day i brought it back up
me:Hey babe, you said something about shelves for the books, shaped like a tree?
her: Yeah, ...
me: So [drawing a picture with my hands] like this?
her: No, more like this [See the pic below].

this is me pulling her hand drawing into vcarve, out as DXF to Sketchup, and a quick render.

Below is a close up of how i broken it into small parts that i can more easily nest (and reduce waste). The trick was to add a locking mechanism that have themeasurements my cutter (1/8") could get into completely. After a few tests, this one works just great.

This is how it will attach to the wall. The first layer will be fastened to the wall from the front side, but on the back side, there will be pocketed allthreads sticking thru ~9". So that when i get all the other layers on, youll fish them onto these bolts, one after the toher. When all but the last are on, you put on a nut, and clamp them tight. THEN, the last layer is pocketed on the backside like the first layer, but with a smooth outer finish. This will act as a end cap to hide the bolts. (The last layer will probably be two 3/4 pieces thick.

I have already cut the puzzle parts, but my camera is broken so i can't send you actual pics of the fit.

First step is to build the trunk, then one branch at a time after that.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Been developing some Texture Ideas. The idea here is to replace the Flat Background a behind the lettering in the toyboxwes in the previous post, with a texture. So, Te colors for this new toybox are dark purple, and blue-turquoise. The samples below are using Grey, (I wanted to see if i could do Elephant Skin).

They worked out just right. There are 4 colors here,
A Base Coat, (Grey)
A Washing, (Grey Base, Black, and lots of water)
Drybrushing (Grey, Yellow, Red, Tan, and then the same + White)

The Washing causes the paint, which is as consistant as milk, to settle into all the cracks,
The Drybrushing has the opposite effect. One loads the brush, then wipes out the brush's paint, till its barely laying down paint, then the brush is dragged slowly, and softrly across the texture, leaving paint on only the highest points.

The Result?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Custom Toyboxes

Been working to finish 4 Toyboxes for my Kids.
Each one was better than the last, And with 1 left, i think it will blwo away the competition.
Here you can see #1 (Right) #2 (front Left) and #3 (Back left) which is now finished.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Building a new Machine.

Here is a picture of my new machine.