Thursday, February 4, 2010

Been developing some Texture Ideas. The idea here is to replace the Flat Background a behind the lettering in the toyboxwes in the previous post, with a texture. So, Te colors for this new toybox are dark purple, and blue-turquoise. The samples below are using Grey, (I wanted to see if i could do Elephant Skin).

They worked out just right. There are 4 colors here,
A Base Coat, (Grey)
A Washing, (Grey Base, Black, and lots of water)
Drybrushing (Grey, Yellow, Red, Tan, and then the same + White)

The Washing causes the paint, which is as consistant as milk, to settle into all the cracks,
The Drybrushing has the opposite effect. One loads the brush, then wipes out the brush's paint, till its barely laying down paint, then the brush is dragged slowly, and softrly across the texture, leaving paint on only the highest points.

The Result?

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