Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Bride is pleased with her list of Machned goods being nearly complete. With that in mind, she mentioned something the other evening that perked my inventive side.
So the next day i brought it back up
me:Hey babe, you said something about shelves for the books, shaped like a tree?
her: Yeah, ...
me: So [drawing a picture with my hands] like this?
her: No, more like this [See the pic below].

this is me pulling her hand drawing into vcarve, out as DXF to Sketchup, and a quick render.

Below is a close up of how i broken it into small parts that i can more easily nest (and reduce waste). The trick was to add a locking mechanism that have themeasurements my cutter (1/8") could get into completely. After a few tests, this one works just great.

This is how it will attach to the wall. The first layer will be fastened to the wall from the front side, but on the back side, there will be pocketed allthreads sticking thru ~9". So that when i get all the other layers on, youll fish them onto these bolts, one after the toher. When all but the last are on, you put on a nut, and clamp them tight. THEN, the last layer is pocketed on the backside like the first layer, but with a smooth outer finish. This will act as a end cap to hide the bolts. (The last layer will probably be two 3/4 pieces thick.

I have already cut the puzzle parts, but my camera is broken so i can't send you actual pics of the fit.

First step is to build the trunk, then one branch at a time after that.

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