Thursday, April 29, 2010

Piano Box

I was asked to help make an award for a Piano Academy. We had bee talking slowly about ideas for about a week. Last night we made a decision on a design to prototype (Still needs approval from the Boss). The exact shape is still being decided, but the concept is the same. A box in the shape of a Piano.

The end should be a Piano shaped box crafted from 2 fitted pieces of wood. You can see here, the prototype (of the lid). The trick is to cut the wood in the right direction for the Grain, to make the cut work just right. This proto taught me lots of things i need to adjust here and there about the process. But i suspect it won't be much different that this when its completed. Tell me, Should the lid be hinged (and from the long side of course) like a regular piano, or do we let the outside be unblemished by hardware?

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