Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fire Hydrant Coupler

So several years back and frend of mine asked me "Can your machine do Patterns?" And he wasn't talking Clothes. Patterns are a copy of the part one is trying to replicate, or trying to make from Metal (or plastic). So if you want a part from Metal, say a Cast Iron Pan, you get a wooden version of it, first. Without going into all the details of it. The wood verson is used to make the shape of the pan in sand, then metal is poured into the shape you made with the wooden pattern.

So last night i made my first Pattern Prototype. I learned a few thigns from the process, and am very happy with the first results.

Took pictures of it this morning. The aluminum patterns was made my a machinist. The wood shape in the middle is what i made, and the black thing on the right is the part i'm making a patterns for.