Wednesday, April 13, 2011

2011 Pinewood Derby CNC Car: The Lead Zeppelin

I have worshiped with, worked with, and played with Dan Packard for over a decade now. Last year Dan asked me for some help in the construction of his Son's Car for the Pinewood Derby. Last year we did the "Tumbler" from Batman. It was my first attempt as such a project, and while it looked really good, I think we did much better this year.

We call it "The Lead Zeppelin"
Michael came into the office (BTW, this is one of the awesome perks of the workplace being a family business (even though I am not family) for a brainstorm session. He knew from the previous year that I "offer awesomeness, not speed..." So with that in mind. We came up with several ideas. We had maybe 8 great ideas, but to Michael's credit, he suggest that since we have so many great ideas, lets just pick from what we have. It came down to either a Pink Torpedo (Think Kirby the Game Character) wearing a Tikki Mask, OR, A Zeppelin  looking like a Shark, chasing a Lego man suspended in front of him (think carrot in front of a donkey).

When the Main parts were done, the hanging Lego man got booted, but this is what we ended up with. I think his car was by far the coolest. Only 5 cars or so were shaped more than a doorstop. His had the best paint job, it had the coolest design, it was the tallest. Michael and I made the decision last year that, We are in Silicon Valley, all the other kid's Dads are Engineer's, and smart and stuff. While i don't think i am dumb regarding Physics, I do like to win at games that everyone else tells me i am losing at, by deciding that i will follow a different objective. I think Michael kinda Digs that part.


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