Monday, April 11, 2011

Turning Stickers into Wooden Toys

Earlier last week i was thinking about projects i need/want to do with the kids. I was also thinking about things we could do together on our Monday Night Family Home Evening. On the way home from Work, the kids were excited to show me what they had made. They were given a sheet of paper, and a pack of stickers which contained parts and accessories needed for creating your very own Sticker Monster. There were multiple body shapes, and multiple arms, legs, eyes, horns/ears. You know, Mix and match.

I decided were were going to turn these Sticker Monsters they had made into wooden toys.

1. Photograph the Stickers
The kids put these together. Here is one example of what we started with.

2. Cutout and Wheels
Here you can see the cutout and wheeled version:
3. Painting
This is upcoming. The idea is to work on the projects over time with the kids. I think Painting is probably their favorite part.


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