Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stacking Boxes: Batman, Starwars, Blue's Clues, Etc.

I made these boxes last year. Why they havn't made it onto my blog till now? I don't know. We love using them. We have about half of them in the play room where the kids separate the toys into the different categories.

 They don't have fasteners. So, the ones we aren't using, they pack away completely flat. The next into one another, , and the bottoms are ready for casters (if i ever decided to put some on it). I make them with whatever on the sides. We let the kids pick designs they wanted on the sides. The results can be seen in the pictures :Blue's Clues, Butterfly, Paw Prints / Sun, Moon,
Lightning Cloud, Stars / Batman, Superman, Jedi / Empire, Decepticons, Autobots, as seen in the top picture. Some we painted, and others we didnt. We like them both ways.


Ritz said...
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Ritz said...

Hi, I am simply in love with your work. I cant believe all those stuffs are made out of wood. You are a magician. Here in India, I never came across of wooden work of this level. I browsed each and every pic on your website, and I was amazed. You are simply mind blowing. I would love to have something like that for my home, but you are too far away. Trust me if you have business in India, your sales will bloom like anything. Keep sharing more of it. I have your website in my favorite list

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mpinch said...

Love those!! Is the design somewhere? Would love to make some.